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PT. Airborne Geofisika Indonesia

PT Airborne Geofisika Indonesia (AGI) is a Geophysical service company established in 2017 by some Indonesian professionals with a background of expertise that aligned and specialized their expertise in earthsciences.

Started from our experiences of working on survey of Airborne and Land of Geophysical services, AGI always provides excellent services by bringing technology for the best solution.


Our current services included:

Airborne geophysical survey includes Gravity, Gravity Gradiometry, Magnetic, Radiometric, and also Time Domain Electromagnetic

Our Service


are used to measure the variations of the earth's gravity field and thus to get important data to model the earth's crustal structure.


is used by oil and mineral prospectors to measure the density of the subsurface, effectively the rate of change of rock properties.


are used to determine the natural radioactivity (gamma radiation) of near-surface rocks and soils. The measurements reveal information on rock and soil properties, particularly their contents of natural radionuclides. Natural radionuclides are mainly the three elements Potassium, Uranium and Thorium